Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When it's too hot for Guinness, grab a Flying Monkey

I am a writer, cook, and a lover of Guinness.

This week, I have been mostly just sweaty and thirsty.

I like Guinness. A lot. When Guinness isn’t available, I drink O’Haras Celtic Stout. A few degrees hotter, I drink Mill St. Tankhouse Ale. I like my beer to taste warm with spice but there is no room for cloves and cinnamon when it is pushing 35˚C in the downtown core. That is a fact. The result is that I was thirsty for a full week - before I found Flying Monkeys' Hoptical Illusion.

My predicament is that I really do not like the typical hot weather beers. Steam Whistle and Corona? Blech. I like beer that tastes nutritious.

When it’s too hot to eat, a swig of Hoptical Illusion will fill those pangs of hunger with salubrious bitter spice and refreshing hoppy tang. This “Almost Pale Ale” will quench your thirst when it is too hot for Guinness. Once quenched, look under the cap for messages like, “ May the beer be with you” and “ Carpe Beerum. Seize the Beer”.

The taste, the packaging and the fact that it is local makes me smile. You should try this beer.

The Toronto Beer Festival will be running from August 5th until the 8th and the guys from Flying Monkeys will be there.

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery is located in Barrie, Ontario (Yay local! Yay independent!)

A case of 6 beers (5% alcohol) is $12.95, available at the LCBO. Look for the wild packaging.

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