Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jelly Boys - product review

My breadbasket is a carbohydrate battleground: a messy pile of two types of half-eaten loaves of bread; some homemade bread, wrapped in foil, and jars of nut butters and jellies. There is an endless supply of jam that emerges from the cupboard when one in the breadbasket is nearly done. Sometimes the jams are not labeled and may be a few years old, so the black and white label with the cute, faceless men on the front caught my attention.

Opening up the jar of Ginger, Lime & Cilantro jelly reveals an effervescent, pectin-set jelly (definitely not a sticky, soft jam) with flecks of oxidized (and unflavourful) cilantro.

No real sign of ginger – in sight or in taste-, which is damaging for ginger fanatics like me. {In the cupboard above the breadbasket there are containers of treats (ginger peanut brittle and chocolate covered candied ginger) on hand to give away at a moments notice – but they are almost completely gone now.}

I quit complaining once I focus on the other flavour: Lime. The tart lime tickles my nose as it’s toasty vessel approaches and I start getting excited. When I bite into my first buttered and then jellied bread the sweet lime/salty butter combination reminds me of salt-water taffy. I am tempted to try it with peanut butter for a Thai toast breakfast sort of thing. I don't care about the MIA ginger and cilantro anymore; The lime pucker is divine.

Jelly Boys refers to their line of jellies as savory and gourmet. Gourmet, in this case, refers to their use of only natural ingredients, no artificial additives or preservatives, and no sodium.

There are two new flavours: Chili Tangerine and Herb and Onion. I imagine the herb and onion would be good with cheese and crackers, but I like a jam I can eat daily, with toast. Chili tangerine I am very excited about – and I am crossing my fingers that the chili punch is just as powerful as the tangerine zing. (I have no qualm with hot sauce as part of my breakfast.)

If you are more inclined towards cereal with your sugar, you can use the jellies for lunch and dinner. There are mouth-watering recipes for all of Jelly Boys products on their website (click here) as well as a list of stores where you will find their products.

I suggest you go pick some up.

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