Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Animals of Tuscany

The weather here seems pretty similar to Canada- a bit less humid.....so one would expect to find the same sort of flora and fauna.
Yes, there are rabbits and deer and pine trees but then here there are also some RANDOM animals like newts/lizzards, LAMAS ( yeah, i'm serious. The buggers stand in the middle of the road and stare at the car) and porcupines with GIANT quills. And I can't forget the swallows. There are so many darting around at dusk and dawn ( lots of bugs) that entire patches of the sky look black.
Also, EVERYTHING is covered in vines and there are poppies EVERYWHERE! As well as lots of fig trees, olive tress ( as to be expected, but the number of them is still overwhelming) and wild fennel all over the place!
Driving to work - even at 7 in the morning, there are entire families that had been on their way somewhere, but stopped on the side of the road ( apparently everyone here has a special spot on the side of some random road) to find wild porcini mushrooms).
Lots of mosquitos here too....little fuckers.

Also a little exclamation about asparagus- holy fuck the things grow fast! We must 'harvest' ( a snazzy word for digging up or picking) about 6 a day and the next day there will be another 6 that have popped up over night ( and fully grown too!).

Lots of meat eating here. Next week we are going to kill some bunnies, skin them and boil them up. We also have 3 pigs ( illegally, we are only technically allowed to have 2) : 2 cinta sinese and one little pig guy with blue blue eyes ( he will be the first to go)..oh and the pigs are actually named Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The farm just got some new little chicks as well as some turkeys. We also have quail, geese, guinea fowl and some other birds.

side note- eggshells are very thin in Italy....apparently cause they're so fresh ( they are also VERY orange ...like, neon.....and super tasty).

That is all for now. Time to eat some sausage!

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